Sky Harbor has become the 25th airport US-wide to receive the Clear technology. It uses biometric technology to identify its members.”We scan their fingerprints, their iris. We capture all their biometrics. We capture their identity through the ID, Then they become a Clear member,” said Jackie Puma, general manager of Clear in Phoenix.Each membership costs $179 for a year, but the charge is just $50 for additional family members. Delta Airlines customers can get reduce rates through a partnership with Clear and the airline. After enrolling, customers will be guided through the Clear line at the gate.”We save our travelers 30-35 minutes of travel time. So, it's about predictability. People know when they get to the airport and they have a Clear membership that they will be able to come through the line and not wait at all and get through security,” said Puma.While members can bypass the lines, they will still need to go through the TSA security scanning process.Puma says Clear has 2 million members nationwide.”We appeal to all types of travelers: Families who are traveling with little ones — make their lives easier and expedite them through the line — Business travelers and leisure travelers,” said Puma.