UIDAI has announced that facial recognition authentication for Aadhaar users that was scheduled to be launched on July 1 has been delayed for August 1.The decision to push back the introduction of face ID system comes just days after UIDAI extended, by one month to July 1, the deadline for service providers and agencies like banks and telecom companies to fully deploy Virtual ID system and accept such IDs instead of Aadhaar number.The authority wants to be fully prepared for the roll out hence the delay. Aadhaar is planning to introduce face recognition along with iris or fingerprint scanning to help those who have unclear iris or fingerprints. UIDAI says that the face recognition will be allowed along with either fingerprint or iris or OTP (one time password) to verify the details of Aadhaar holder.The agency hopes that it will help people who face difficulty in biometric authentication due to old age, hand work or worn-out fingerprints, to authenticate their identity for accessing services, benefits and subsidies. There is no specified timeframe for when the authentication agencies will receive the new facility.