Pinnacle Solutions, a consulting leader in data management and advanced analytics, has teamed up with autonomous_ID to use this unique data to enable doctors, insurers, patients, athletes, and military personnel to track identities and monitor health in a new way by analyzing their movement.The BIO_SOLE creates a unique signature by measuring the pressure placed on different regions of your foot while you stand, walk and run.Similar to a fingerprint, the BIO_SOLE insole can record a person's unique way of standing, walking, running, or gait, and to create a unique signature to their identity. BIO_SOLE uses pressure sensors, accelerometer, gyroscope and circuitry to track every part of the movement, which can be influenced by body position, weight, injury, or disease.”It is an exciting time for our group as we bring our platform and services to the market,” said Todd Gray, Founder and CEO, autonomous_ID Corporation. “Partnering with Pinnacle Solutions enables our data science group to advance analytics and resulting insights with the use and application of machine learning and artificial intelligence tools,” added Gray.With the artificial intelligence modeling, BIO_SOLE can help address a wide range of health, activity, mobility and identity data use cases. This can be of interest for Health Insurance and Health Care providers, Corporate Security providers, Banking Service providers, Government and Military, as well as individuals and athletes as examples.”The analytic platform will allow our teams to build thousands of advanced data models for several different industry use cases in a fraction of the time that other software can provide,” said DJ Penix, President and Founder of Pinnacle Solutions.