Aware, a leading global provider of biometrics software products, solutions and services, today introduced Knomi version 2.13, a market-leading mobile biometric software product offering face-matching technology that directly addresses individuals that are wearing masks with no sacrifice in ease of use or performance. This version adds a significant new biometric capability to Knomi's robust core identity-matching and authentication solution, offering users high levels of confidence and security during the pandemic when mask-wearing is prevalent.While facial recognition technology error rates have decreased significantly in recent years, performance has struggled in matching situations involving masks. Attempts to match images of people wearing masks who were enrolled in a database without wearing masks returned large numbers of random matches and low levels of accuracy. With Knomi 2.13, an improved face recognition algorithm can now match masked faces with unmasked images in the database accurately. Aware continuously improves and optimizes face-matching technology with face liveness, voice liveness and voice matching capabilities, enabling Knomi 2.13 to provide our customers with the benefits of the highest levels of secure and convenient mobile onboarding and passwordless authentication available.”We're proud that we've been able to deliver this important innovation to the biometric authentication market at such a difficult time for society,” said Bob Eckel, president & CEO of Aware. “Users need to be confident that facial images will match accurately, whether masks are on or off. With Knomi 2.13 our customers can be sure that their identity-matching and authentication procedures are solid and irrefutable. We believe our facial recognition, voice matching, and liveness capabilities stand alone.”While other face-recognition systems in the market have improved their accuracy in recent years, they have done so by reducing performance speeds. Knomi 2.13's upgraded face-recognition algorithm offers improved accuracy at higher performance speeds, removing the need for customers to sacrifice.Knomi 2.13 also doesn't require users to re-enroll images in the database, eliminating a major cause of friction in the process.Knomi is a mobile biometric authentication framework that applies a variety of biometric algorithms to enable more secure and convenient mobile onboarding and passwordless authentication experience. Its web services and mobile device SDKs work in concert to perform biometric capture, liveness detection, and matching, with face and voice modalities supported.