Voting in this year's Consultative Assembly elections in Oman will feature biometrics as part of a shift to an electronic voting system.The technology will make the polling process quicker and more efficient, said Hamal al Rashdi, head of the Muttrah Election Committee.”The voter will see a list of all candidates with their pictures on the electronic voting machine. He can hit the button against his chosen candidate. This choice will print out which the voter will drop in a ballot box,” Rashdi explained. “There will be no human intervention in choosing the candidate or in the voting process.” Rashdi said the results will be announced on the evening of voting day.Only one voter will be allowed in the polling hall at a time. Polling will take place from 7am to 7pm on October 25. Three members of the election committee will first receive the voter and using data in their computer, verify his eligibility based on residence, age and registration with the election commission. The voter will also be required to provide his fingerprint to rule out double voting.”It's a personal and a free decision. We just monitor the voting process, making sure there are no obstacles,” he said. According to Rashdi, Muttrah has around 17,000 registered voters.