BIO-key has announced two additional County Election Boards in Florida have selected BIO-key solutions to enhance the security of their identification and authentication process for staff members and volunteers involved in managing the voting process. The Election Boards are acting to enhance security for the upcoming 2019 regional elections and the 2020 presidential election.Florida is a leader in addressing election cybersecurity issues head on by implementing BIO-key's strong biometric authentication solution. Brevard and Collier County were first onboard with BIO-key in October last year, and now additional Florida counties are following suit as BIO-key begins to receive election security inquiries from across the nation.BIO-key's election security solution is built around its ID Director for Windows software, which integrates with Microsoft's Active Directory and manages access to networked resources. The combined solution delivers strong biometric multi-factor authentication across an entire organization. ID Director for Windows is compatible with a variety of complex fingerprint readers qualified by Microsoft to support the biometric sign-in platform included in Windows 10. Some Election Boards have chosen to use BIO-key's PIV-Pro, a FIPS compliant fingerprint scanner, ideal for highly regulated industries, as well as its EcoID fingerprint scanner.The deployments are being supported by increasing U.S. Government funding available for election security initiatives. Last March, the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 created the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) Election Security Fund, providing $380 million of Federal funding to improve states' administration of Federal elections. More recently, the Financial Services and General Government (FSGG) Appropriations Bill was amended by the Senate Appropriations Committee to provide $250M in additional funding for county and state election boards to upgrade technology, improve cybersecurity and help prevent future cyberattacks.”BIO-key has a long-standing track record of providing strong biometric security solutions for government clients,” stated Mike DePasquale, Chairman & CEO, BIO-key. “Our technology has consistently met or exceeded the needs and expectations of customers in global law enforcement, the U.S. Federal government and foreign national government agencies. We are extremely proud to be extending our work to securing state and Federal election data and anticipate further growth in this area. It is vital for the country to maintain the integrity of our election process, which has become increasingly reliant on computers and the Internet, despite the inherent cyber risks.”