Fortress Identity and Muxi are launching “muxiPAY” technology , calling it a “revolutionary” point of sale solution.The firms said muxiPAY is the newest way for customers to easily buy what they want with no need to pull out a credit card. This simple, intuitive point of sale system recognizes and validates who you are simply from your face and voice. For example, as the customer approaches the checkout counter, the muxiPAY system instantly recognizes that individual. Once the items have been checked out, the customer's account requests that a particular passphrase be said out loud. Behind the scenes the Fortress Identity AI engine has instantly analyzed the facial and voice biometrics. All of these analyses validate that individual, eliminating the need for the physical credit card. The customer just walks up, checks out the items, and walks away with the merchandise. True no-hassle payment.”For anyone who normally commands Alexa, Siri and other digital assistants to help in their daily lives, muxiPAY is the logical next step in the marketplace,” says Alessandro Chiarini, CEO of Fortress Identity. “Once the cashier checks out your items, and the checkout station identifies you, your account asks you to recite a word or phrase, and you're done.” No fumbling for cash or cards. Simple. Secure. Fast.According to muxiPAY Chief Product Officer, Pedro Brasil, “Working with Fortress Identity has greatly accelerated our development of this innovative Point of Sale solution. Their comprehensive package of biometric authentication tools enabled muxiPAY to design the most futuristic and seamless omnichannel – in-store and online – payment experience out there in the marketplace today.”By combining facial measurements with voice biometrics, the new muxiPAY gateway brings equivalent or better security to “card non present” (CNP) as you have with “card present” verification methods, such as signatures, PINS, Q-cards. It's the compound biometrics, two or more biometrics together, that provides this stepped up security.Fortress Identity and muxiPAY are pleased to give attendees at Finovate Fall 2019 the first look at this game-changing payment solution. Easy to use and excellent security are the winning combination.