Staff from leading Omani financial services provider bank muscat say that introducing a biometric authentication system for transactions and account opening has streamlined customer services.The bank has installed a fingerprint reader in branches that is activated when a national identification card (NID) is inserted. Paired with the NID, the biometric system is used during banking transactions and opening new muscat worked with the Royal Oman Police in introducing the biometric system, which now features in all its 139 branches.”As the flagship bank in Oman, Bank Muscat is focused on introducing innovative systems defining new trends in banking services and improving customer experience,” Saleh Al Maaini, senior regional manager – North & West Muscat, South Batinah & Dhahirah regions, told CPI Financial‎.”The biometric system reflects our commitment to provide the 'best in class' service as Bank Muscat continues to invest in cutting edge technology and IT infrastructure,” he told the newspaper.