North Dakota’s new driving licence design includes images of national landscapes which far from being a decorative feature, adds an additional layer of security to combat fraudsters.

Combined with regular changes, complex and intricate details on licences incorporating holograms and biometric chips disrupt fraudsters’ attempts to counterfeit documents.

All features displayed on a licence – for example, national emblems, photographs and personal information – contribute to creating a secure document that presents the holder’s identity while proving difficult to counterfeit.

The Department of Transportation in North Dakota announced the launch of the new licence on 8 August, 2023 boasting that it provides the “highest level of protection for citizens”, incorporating symbols of national heritage in the chosen imagery with security components like “a sunrise ultraviolet image” and state logo.

North Dakota is the first U.S. state to use a squircle, a square and circle that contains a see-through element. Holders of the current driving licence can continue to use this version until the expiry date, despite the rollout effort throughout August.

The additional layer of security and protection should prevent more illegal underage sales of items such as alcohol and cigarettes to minors and people under the age of 18.


Mobile digital identities including, mobile driving licenses, will be discussed in a panel session at Identity Week America 2023, joined by speakers: