Shufti Pro, an AI-powered KYC/AML service provider announces its partnership with LenderKit, a flexible white-label crowdfunding software, by launching its global identity verification services on the LenderKit platform. This partnership enables LenderKit customers to smoothly integrate Shufti Pro's robust identity verification, KYC, KYB, and AML services and enhance their business manoeuvre. Shufti Pro offers an award-winning solution that assists many industries to streamline their due diligence and customer onboarding procedure. With its cutting edge technology and resilient identity verification services, Shufti Pro is known to provide a high accuracy rate of 98.67%. Now joining hands with LenderKit will enable Shufti Pro to expand its outreach and efficiently secure various businesses worldwide from fraudulent activities while assisting them to be ahead in-game. The company representative speaking about the partnership, "LenderKit provides flexible crowdfunding software and custom development services for regulated investment businesses worldwide. The strategic partnership with Shufti Pro helps us offer a more diverse experience to our customers in Europe, the UK and the UAE. Using Shufti Pro, LenderKit customers can integrate with one of the industry-leading KYC, KYB and AML service providers and automate their onboarding and due diligence processes on a crowdfunding or investment platform." LenderKit is a crowdfunding software that is equipped with a variety of features to cater to regulated businesses from around the world. Now, in order to ensure security and regulation in the industry, LenderKit has extended its hand to offer Shufti Pro's diverse services to its customers. Crowdfunding platforms looking for KYC/AML compliance solutions can now integrate Shufti Pro for reliable identity verification. Shufti Pro's CEO, Victor Fredung, acknowledges the benefit of the partnership, "We are delighted to announce that enterprises can now access Shufti Pro's global identity verification services from LenderKit platform and seamlessly meet their regulatory requirements. Always aiming to put our customers ahead, this esteemed partnership with LenderKit has paved the way for us to provide our and their customers with swift and reliable service."