Identity and security company Nexus Group and biometric technology company Zwipe have signed a distribution agreement and launched the sale of Zwipe's biometric access cards via the online portal Nexus GO Cards as a Service. “We already offer a very wide range of card technologies, and we are excited to announce that you now also can get biometric cards with an integrated fingerprint sensor on your access cards,” says Nexus's Jon Land, Managing Director for Norway. Compromised security and illegitimate access to buildings and systems is a constantly increasing concern with government and private organisations alike. With Zwipe's biometric access card, the user completes the identity verification process by simply placing their finger on the fingerprint sensor on the access card before presenting it to the card reader. Only the rightful owner of the card can use it, hence a lost or stolen card, or employees exchanging cards is no longer a security threat.Einar Boije, SVP of Access Control at Zwipe, is pleased that Nexus will manage the stock keeping, personalization and distribution of Zwipe Access throughout 15 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa “Nexus is an established and rapidly growing company with an impressive customer base and a great partner network. Nexus' online ordering portal enables end users and Systems Integrators to acquire ready programmed and personalized Zwipe Access cards rapidly and efficient. Our new partnership is making the Zwipe Access supply process just as straight-forward as its technology,” says Boije. “Zwipe has developed a truly unique solution that suits companies and organizations that have a need for increasing their security – without making any costly and complicated changes to their existing access control system or security infrastructure,” says Land.The user's fingerprint is registered directly and only on the secure chip on the card, which means there is no need for biometric databases, unlike what is required with any other biometric access system. With Jon Land adding “Zwipe's fingerprint cards make biometrics easy and cost-efficient. Since we are all about innovative technology, Zwipe Access fits perfectly in our product portfolio.”