Dahua Technology has launched an AI-driven distributed face recognition server, DHI-IVS-F7500-P, which is mainly applied to city-class scene or project, such as a safe city, security management of main traffic thorough a fare or plaza, business analysis for chain supermarkets, etc.As a mass data platform of face management, Dahua's face recognition server, DHI-IVS-F7500-P is able to analyse image streams as structural data, and store them in the distributed database. Also, with excellent image comparison search engine technology, it even supports fuzzy search of mass human face data and provides results within seconds.Supported by the integrated, high performing GPU P4 module and Dahua's advanced deep learning algorithms, the distributed DHI-IVS-F7500-P face recognition server can detect a human face with above 90% accuracy, along with its detailed face features such as age, gender, expression and glasses which help identify subtle individual differences. Also, it supports multiple-person image search and orders by similarity according to the time and location information, providing a convenient way to retrieve data.After collecting facial data, Dahua's DHI-IVS-F7500-P face recognition server also provides both dynamic and static image comparisonAfter collecting facial data, Dahua's DHI-IVS-F7500-P face recognition server also provides both dynamic and static image comparison. Dynamic comparison supports the real-time 100-channel picture stream (about 8.5 million pictures processing) and 300,000 face control comparison, while static comparison supports comparison of 30 million pictures. Once hit the face that is previously defined in the enrolled database, the server will send the notification or alarm to you immediately.To better support face comparison, the new face recognition server improves the storing capacity to a maximum of 300,000 human face pictures of its enrolled database for wanted person alerts. In addition, you can add, delete, modify and query personal information in the registered library if something requires changing, and it also allows batching import/export of pictures and compressed files from the library.By identifying known criminals or prior offenders through accurate face detection and comparison, Dahua's DHI-IVS-F7500-P face recognition server offers proactive protection to build a safer social environment before an incident occurs. Embracing a mission of “Enabling a Safer Society and Smarter Living”, Dahua will continue to focus on “Innovation, Quality, and Service”, to serve partners and customers around the world.