The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has published a request for comment, with respect to “Automated Solutions for the Submission of REAL ID Source Documents.”DHS is seeking input on technologies that could assist states and their residents in the digital submission, receipt, authentication, and verification of documents and information that applicants must provide when applying for a REAL ID-compliant driver's license or identification card.While the REAL ID Act requires applicants to present certain documentation, the Act itself does not specify the mode for presenting that documentation. Rather, it is in the DHS REAL ID regulations where the requirements for document authentication and in-person application exist.DHS is interested in comments on: * How the development and deployment of additional capabilities or technologies can assist in streamlining the process for individuals to submit the required documentation and information on REAL ID applications. * Concepts that reduce application burden, processing time, and administrative workload. * Concepts that effectively ensure security, protect privacy, and manage risk of fraud. * Concepts that identify the extent to which the additional capabilities or technologies will increase the adoption rate of individuals obtaining REAL ID-compliant identification. * Cost data on the purchase, installation, or implementation of these concepts. * Data on the development, testing, and integration of these concepts for near, medium, and long-term solutions.DHS notes that it will afford significantly greater weight to feedback that identifies specific capabilities and technologies, includes actionable data, or provides viable alternatives that meet statutory objectives and regulatory requirements. In the request, DHS provides specific questions for consideration, but notes that they are not meant to be exhaustive.