Biometrics company, Fingerprint Cards has announced that its technology has been integrated into 400 different smartphone models.Earlier this year, Fingerprints announced that it has shipped 1 billion fingerprint sensors worldwide. The company is seeing increased adoption of biometric technologies to enhance the user experience and replace PINs and passwords.The Swedish-based company played a central role in bringing smartphone fingerprint sensors to the mass-market, and was responsible for integrating the first fingerprint touch sensor on Android in 2014. Fingerprints' technology is now present in all top five Android OEM brands.”Every day, our technology is making the lives of hundreds of millions of people simpler, safer and more convenient. This is both a significant milestone for Fingerprints and a marker for the biometrics industry, showing how far we have come in a short time,” comments Ted Hansson, SVP Business Line Mobile at Fingerprints. “Because of our continuous investment into R&D to bring a range of design options for the mobile OEMs and maximize performance, our capacitive fingerprint sensors continue to gain momentum in the smartphone market. And, this is just the beginning.”.