Swedish biometrics firm Fingerprint Cards has unveiled a new control system that uses its fingerprint sensors called “SenseTouch” today, along with a major deployment with Blackberry.In a statement, the company said the FPC SenseTouch feature adds another dimension to Fingerprints biometric fingerprint touch sensors, as it allows users to trigger activities using the pressure exerted with the finger.”FPC SenseTouch enables fingerprint sensors to sense and respond to how hard the user is pressing. For example, with FPC SenseTouch, users can hard-press to open a message and soft-press to launch a specific app. This feature is optimal for one-handed operations and allows users to get more deeply involved in their apps in a brand-new way,” says Lina Andolf-Orup, Product Marketing Manager at Fingerprints.”We see that consumer adoption of fingerprint technology is paving the way for new user cases where the fingerprint sensor will bring additional value. We continuously work on developing new innovative solutions and, by introducing new features, we demonstrate our competitive edge as the market leader,” says Lina Andolf-Orup.Meanwhile, the company also announced today that has delivers first-in-the-world fingerprint sensor in a keyboard on BlackBerry KEYone.The BlackBerry addition of touch sensor FPC1145 marks the world premiere of a fingerprint sensor in the keyboard-toting business smartphone.Already received as well as expected Fingerprints revenues in 2017 that relate to the sales of the FPC1145 sensor are included in Fingerprints' communicated revenue guidance.