Norwegian fingerprint firm Next Biometrics has reported its figures and highlights for the third quarter.Figures for the period saw the firm's operating loss reached 30.3 million crowns (US$3.5m) versus loss 14.7 million crowns year ago. Meanwhile, operating revenue in the period was 0.2 million Norwegian crowns versus 1.2 million crowns year ago.In a statement to investors, Next noted that the increased loss was mainly due to increased R&D costs and production ramp up cost.”Sales have, as previously communicated, been insignificant in Q3, due to the above described transition to the new generation of sensors. A major part of company resources were in Q3 allocated to the Dell-project. Dell is the first top-tier Notebook and Tablet manufacturer to fully recognize the fundamental importance of larger sensors. It is anticipated that this customer reference will have a positive impact on company sales going forward.”In the same period, the firm saw highlights including the completion of a new ultrathin, design-friendly sensor generation. It also involved the final preparations leading to an announcement from Dell that the company's notebooks and tablets would use Next sensors in a new range.There were also negotiations leading to NOK 120 mill private placement in the company by Greenbridge Partners.