French security and identity solutions firm Morpho has announced that its MorphoWave Desktop contactless fingerprint scanner has been certified by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for meeting the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Image Quality Specifications standard.The FBI certification validates that the high quality images produced by the MorphoWave Desktop are equivalent to other contact single-finger scanners, and are suitable for a full range of use cases.The MorphoWave Desktop uses advanced imaging technologies to simultaneously acquire four fingerprints in less than one second by a wave of the hand. Featuring an ergonomic bi-directional capture design, the MorphoWave Desktop can capture fingerprint images for the left or right hand without the need to change device settings or add another scanner.The MorphoWave Desktop has been designed to suit high traffic environments such as border control at international entry or exit ports, or access control at public and private facilities.”Achieving FBI PIV certification is another significant milestone for the advancement of our contactless fingerprinting technology, confirming its high quality imaging and compatibility with security systems already deployed worldwide,” commented Morpho CEO Anne Bouverot.”Following unanimous industry recognition for its innovative qualities, and first commercial usage, this certification further demonstrates that contactless fingerprinting is no longer a speculative technology — it is a reliable choice for managing entry, exit, and access to valuable resources.”