Gemalto has announced it is supplying Telefónica Deutschland with an identity verification service. It will complement the existing verification solutions and enable prepaid customers to confirm their identity through all sales channels, including in-store, online and via their mobile. Gemalto's service confirms the authenticity of a range of identity documents in real-time, including passports, ID cards and residence permits.With Gemalto ID Verification, an image of the customer's identity document can be captured in-store by staff using tablets, smartphones or scanners. The system compares this image against a continuously updated database of thousands of authentic identity document templates, from Germany and many other countries. In addition to ensuring full compliance with regulations requiring identity verification of prepaid customers, Gemalto says its solution will help protect Telefónica Deutschland from the growing threat of fraud and contribute to the digitalisation of the customer journey. The service also complies with all relevant data protection regulations.Gemalto says: “This multi-channel solution will streamline the customer enrolment process, in-store and remotely. The cloud-based solution is easy to deploy and minimises the need for capital investment. It is scheduled to go live across the Telefónica Deutschland sales network, including its own branches, subsidiaries and other outlets such as post offices, in early summer 2018. “Telefónica Deutschland is committed to delivering outstanding service,” said Thorsten Wagner, director within the Wholesale & Partnering Unit, who has been responsible for the implementation of ID verification processes at Telefónica Deutschland. “Gemalto's ID Verification complements our existing verification solutions. The innovative new service ensures our prepaid customers can choose the most convenient means of confirming their identity, and always be assured of the highest standards of responsiveness.” “Trusted Digital ID solutions are becoming a key component of our customer's digital transformation strategy as they generate benefits in terms of efficiency and customer experience,” said Guillaume Lafaix, senior vice president Mobile and IoT for Gemalto. “With Gemalto's solution, Telefónica Germany shows how it is possible to deploy a multi-channel strategy to enable identity verification, meet regulatory demands and fight fraud.”