A coming shift towards mobile or digital driving licences that many expect will occur in the next decade – or sooner – will have major ramifications for the identity industry.From privacy and security issues to technological advances, big changes will likely be ushered in by a digital licence, and these will present both huge opportunities and challenges for the sector.The mobile driving licence, or mDL, is being given major prominence at North America's largest event covering human identity issues, connect:ID 2017, to be held in Washington DC from May, 1-3.The conference will feature presentations by high-level representatives who believe mDL is the future, and practical appraisals of the significant challenges that likely lie ahead. Meanwhile, the event will also be playing host to a large contingent of American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) representatives.For instance, a keynote address on 2 May by Ray Martinez, chairman and chief Administrator, of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC), will be covering the promise and potential of a mobile driver's license/identification card.Martinez will also highlight recent advances in Motor Vehicle Department technologies for ID verification and management, and cover the developing role of DMV departments in identity verification and management-Bi-state and multi-state DMV ID initiatives.Dave Burhop, deputy commissioner/CIO, Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, will also be giving exclusive insight into how AAMVA has been exploring the digital driver's license potential as an eID. Burhop will point out that when e-wallets burst on the scene, many people were asking when the most important credential in their physical wallet would appear in their e-wallet.Now that time is fast approaching, and will open the door to on-line authentication that has the potential eventually to retire the more conventional methods such as KBA and username/password for nearly every account.In a presentation called The mDL Revolution!, he will explain why he believes the MDL's potential will far surpass the physical credential of today.The focus on driving licences will be complemented by a range of other presentations, many by top-level government officials, on other aspects covering the future of secure credentials.******To gain access to this high-profile speaker program – book a conference place******The event's 75-booth Expo is also featuring sessions devoted to the future of secure credentials, and the driving licence in particular.The Knowledge Exchange, an innovative and interactive free seminar theater in the exhibition, will host a session that focuses exclusively on the issue.Carolyn Bayer-Broring, Document Examiner, Homeland Security Investigations, Forensic Document Laboratory will cover "Recent developments in the counterfeiting of US driver's licenses".Elaine Wooton, Document Examiner, Homeland Security Investigations, Forensic Document Laboratory, will talk on "Electronic verification of driver's licenses to deter counterfeiting".Finally, Ian Grossman Vice President, Member Services & Public Affairs, American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators will discuss how states can address these developments.To visit the associated expo and attend these sessions for free – Register here