Matica Technologies has announced it will showcase new technologies and products at the Trustech2017 trade show in Cannes, France, from 28-30 November.The company will exhibit technologies targeted at financial instant issuance and government ID projects as well as secure corporate ID issuance. Demos will include:· Matica's Desktop Module (MDM) architecture, which allows selected desktop modules to synthesise organically to build small-to-large bespoke personalisation solutions.· The MDM Feeder Encoding Module (FEM), which can be combined with several types of desktop issuance technologies such as retransfer printers, laser engravers and desktop embossers. The FEM can be added to a system up to four times so a standard printer's input of 200 cards can be increased to 350 with the potential to quadruple output to 1,400.· The Dual Feeder Module, which can issue two types of cards simultaneously and be used in conjunction with the S3200 Series (for in-branch issuance of flat credit and debit cards) and the XID8000 Series (for ID applications).· The S3200HD DUO, a financial retransfer card printer, which when used with the MDM Dual Feeder module allows users to handle two types of cards, such as Mastercard and VISA, at the same time.· The new XID9x00e Series, a modular, heavy-duty retransfer card issuance solution based on the XID retransfer printer, which is available in 300dpi and 600dpi. It is part of the MDM architecture and combines newly developed card feeder and encoder modules for parallel task processing.· The LCP8000 + FEM colour and laser personalisation system, which can be used to issue highly secure ID cards such as national IDs, as well as vehicle registration, healthcare cards and university IDs."This year, Matica Technologies was named a game changer by a leading industry analyst and I believe our MDM architecture played an integral part in this. We are transforming the process of desktop card issuance to fundamentally improve the procedures – and the results – to support customers' evolving needs," said Sandro Camilleri, CEO, Matica Technologies Group. "Providing full flexibility and scalability to users is increasingly critical and lies at the heart of our design and engineering. We leverage our experience as a long-established, successful technology company that grew from specialising in central issuance to create new products, which can respond to the world's most demanding ambitions in the secure card industry."