Six fintech startups mastering blockchain and crypto decentralised solutions have signed up to be elevated through Mastercard’s Start Path Digital Assets program.

The startup engagement programme offers bespoke training to boost marketability of solutions and increase convergence between new technology phenomenons likes the metaverse and commerce, in particular the financial services. 

Diversifying payment methods, Mastercard is changing consumer habits to embrace digital cards and wallets based on secure blockchain, decentralised cross-border transactions. The future of crypto, digital currency is being unlocked and expanding our financial assets.

Each of the startups selected to participate in the programme have reached a seed or Series A capital and created a product fit for the market evolving into more digital assets, cryptocurrencies, blockchain value services and the metaverse.

The startups including Suberra, RociFi Labs and Coala Pay will join an academy of  350 companies from 42 countries that have already embarked on Start Path and yielded impressive market results, entered new domains and secured commercial partnerships with Mastercard.

While accelerating the blockchain to create a hybrid digital and crypto economy, Mastercard said it remains guided by its foundational principles of stability, regulatory compliance and consumer protection simultaneously as building global networks.

Startups that are interested in joining the Start Path Digital Assets program can apply here, through Mastercards wesbite.