One of the largest tech companies, Google, is changing the habitual use of passwords on World Password Day with the replacement of authentication secure passkeys.

Apple and Microsoft have also conformed to ditch the passwords implementing passkey technology in iOS16 and the latest MacOS model to cut out the risks of complacent password setting, phishing, password theft and bots.

In place of passcodes, user accounts with Google, Apple and Microsoft can embrace fingerprint and facial ID mobile authentication that ensures faster, frictionless logins.

Users can generate as many passkeys as they wish to expand their security protections on multiple devices. The substitution of passwords for passkeys also evolves GDPR and mitigates the problems of systems recognising personal logins during authentication as users will be required to verify their identity each time using facial and fingerprint recognition technology.

The operating system or app manages passkeys shared between devices. Google said that the uptake of passkeys signalled the “beginning of the end” for easily penetrable passwords.