The CISA and NSA are pushing to advance identity and access management frameworks to match and support the rate of digital transformation.

While digitalisation continues to be revolutionary, opening up more commercial opportunity and  upgrading security, society’s reliance is also accelerating the sophisticated techniques used by cyber criminals to exploit systems.

Trust frameworks must keep up with governing safe and secure technologies. These bodies released the best practice guidance for system administrators with actionable recommendations on how to better secure architectures against threats to Identity and Access Management.

“America’s critical infrastructure is a prime target for a broad spectrum of threat sources including advanced and ongoing attacks from nation states and terrorist organizations attacks,”according to the paper. “IAM weaknesses are frequently exploited in the most insidious threats, APTs, which have led to catastrophic data breaches”.

Grant Dasher at CISA, said the practice guide is “a valuable first step to aid critical infrastructure organizations’ effort to assess and strengthen their IAM solutions and processes”.