Onfido, a specialist in identity verification and online authentication, and MANGOPAY , payment solution for marketplaces, crowdfunding platforms and FinTechs, announce the signing of a partnership aimed at simplifying the verification of the identity of users on platforms using MANGOPAY. The optimization is done through continuous improvement of the quality of KYC ( Know Your Customer- know the customer) using Onfido's biometric and document verification solution. Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Onfido technology makes it possible to quickly and efficiently verify the identity of users in less than 2 hours while meeting the requirements in terms of due diligence or due diligence (KYC – Know-Your-Customer) .MANGOPAY makes payments easier for businesses, allowing them to carry out transactions in multiple currencies and using different means of payment. Over 2,500 platforms in 26 countries use MANGOPAY's payment API for the professional market, automating all payment flows and commissions through a flexible and customizable system of electronic wallets.Onfido's AI technology will allow MANGOPAY customers to speed up the integration of their users while simplifying the KYC verification procedures for users who register on platforms using the payment solution, in compliance with regulatory obligations. Users simply need to take a good-quality photo of their official ID, and Onfido's hybrid document verification solution checks the authenticity of the ID. By combining human expertise with machine learning-based fraud detection to verify identity documents, Onfido is able to spot both common and sophisticated identity theft attempts – and its accuracy. increases as the AI ​​evolves.Onfido helps automate checks for over 4,500 types of ID in 195 countries while bringing in human experts to verify inconsistent data. This partnership will allow MANGOPAY to evolve in its key markets and accelerate its development on a global scale.MANGOPAY is designed by and for entrepreneurs. Its flexible electronic wallet system meets the need of European platforms to manage complex payment flows and allows them to receive, manage and redistribute payments while receiving a commission in an automated way via its API, in compliance with European regulations. MANGOPAY's mission is to build powerful payment technologies for entrepreneurs in order to design the platforms of tomorrow. KYC and identity verification are at the heart of its operations and strategy to shape the future of trading."MANGOPAY fully supports its businesses and entrepreneurs; a strategic partner such as Onfido is therefore a key element of our offer ", declares Romain Mazeries, CEO of MANGOPAY. "We will never compromise when it comes to the user experience we provide to our customers and their communities. This new partnership allows us to continue to improve our KYC experience in an evolving regulatory framework "."We are very happy to support MANGOPAY in its mission: to help businesses deliver a smooth experience with a focus on fast, transparent and secure transactions," said Gimena Diaz, Vice President Southern Europe, Middle-East and Africa of 'Onfido. "Onfido's hybrid approach combines the speed and scalability of artificial intelligence with the expertise of specialists in identity analysis. Thus, leading-edge companies such as MANGOPAY can quickly on-board a greater number of users while having world-class fraud detection capabilities. This helps to build trust and improve the user experience through a simplified but strengthened identity verification process ".