Veriff, a global identity verification provider, is partnering with ChekMarc, a new global social media platform that connects people all over the world, to ensure online users are who they say they are.With this partnership, Veriff adds an extra layer of safety and security to the online platform. Through a simple, hassle-free process that takes less than a minute and needs only a valid government-issued ID or passport, users will have a "V" displayednext to their User ID informing the community that they are a trusted, verified member.Founded by Marc Kaplan, CEO of ChekMarc and former partner at Deloitte, and Vrinda Johnson, COO and former Executive Director at Russell Reynolds Associates and PwC, ChekMarc is available to anyone over the age of 18 and is accessible in over 35 languages."ChekMarc is very pleased to be partnering with Veriff on our ID Verification needs," said Marc Kaplan, CEO of ChekMarc. "ID Verification is a critical component of providing a safe and secure experience for our community. Veriff's commitment to providing the highest quality product and its relentless focus on being the best in the industry gave us great comfort in partnering with them."The platform lets people all over the world connect one-on-one in a more safe and secure manner. It can be used to start a new career or business, improve leadership skills or make business connections. On a personal level, it can be used to strive toward new fitness goals, open a community gathering spot or hospitality attraction or to learn about writing a book. It's a positive, uplifting platform to connect people with each other."Granting safe access to consumers and businesses online is critical for ChekMarc and its customers. With our automated identity verification service, Veriff is helping ChekMarc to remove identify fraud and trust issues that are unfortunately so prevalent online today," said Janer Gorohhov, co-founder and CPO of Veriff. "We're excited to partner with ChekMarc as they create a safe, positive online forum that so many consumers crave today."