Senior officials from the Maldives have confirmed that the island-state will launch a new passport next week featuring designs that reflect national heritage.An official from the Department of Immigration and Emigration said several changes have been brought to the designs and security of the new polycarbonate passports, including the illustrations inside, reported Haveeru."Each page of the passport features very Maldivian-like illustrations, much more pleasant than those of the current passports," said Immigration official.The colours of the new passport covers, which will replace the current passports released by Immigration in 2007, are also said to be different. The current passports feature a navy blue cover for common passports, red for diplomatic passports and dark green for official passports. Immigration department also assured that despite introducing new passports, there will be no changes to passport fees.Last December, the Immigration department announced plans to install electronic passport gates at the Maldives' main international airport.