SecuGen has announced that Laxton has selected the SecuGen U20 fingerprint sensor for integration into their Chameleon multi-modal biometric tablet.The Chameleon brand is Laxton's flagship brand, and its product range consists of the most adaptable and rugged biometric handhelds, tablets, and desktop devices in the world. The Chameleon products are highly configurable with multi-modal biometric and data capture features, for rapid and seamless capture of biometric and biographic information. This makes them ideal for all identity registration, authentication, and know-your-customer applications in any environment.SecuGen fingerprint sensors are known for their high quality offered at affordable prices. The SecuGen U20 that Laxton has integrated into the Chameleon line is a rugged fingerprint sensor that is FBI certified for the Mobile ID FAP 20 specification and is designed to be easily integrated into almost any type of hardware product. SecuGen provides free 1:1 SDKs on Windows, Android and Linux, that further enable integration by developers.”We selected the SecuGen sensor because of our insistence on using only the highest quality components in our products,” said Nelson Pereira, President of the Americas for Laxton. “Additionally, we were looking for a sensor that is priced for larger scale deployments, and so the U20 sensor was the perfect choice. We are very pleased with the resulting integration.””We are excited to be working with Laxton on the best-in-class Chameleon line of products,” said Jeff Brown, VP of Sales for SecuGen. “The Chameleon is feature rich, extremely versatile and very well designed.”Won Lee, SecuGen CEO, added, “We share a similar commitment to quality, cost, and adaptability with Laxton. Therefore, it has been a delight to partner and work with a world leader like Laxton on this versatile range of hand-helds, tablets and desktop devices.”