California-based software firm Pramati has announced the launch of the ThumbSignIn biometric authentication SaaS platform, and certification of ThumbSignIn by the FIDO Alliance. In a statement, the firm said the platform enables enterprises and service providers to deploy strong authentication solutions that reduce reliance on passwords and protect against phishing, man-in-the-middle, and replay attacks using stolen passwords. Pramati's ThumbSignIn benefits organizations by enabling users to sign in to websites, web applications from desktop web browsers, and mobile apps biometrically, without a password.Biometric authentication is much simpler to use than password-based authentication, and is an order of magnitude more secure. By design, ThumbSignIn uses public key cryptography to securely transfer authentication information over the internet. Also, unlike password-based systems, the authentication takes place entirely on users' mobile devices, and the biometric information is never transmitted to, nor stored on, the server. This approach puts users in control of their credentials and greatly reduces the liability of enterprises because hackers have little incentive to hack into servers to steal username/password information.ThumbSignIn's FIDO certification attests to a high degree of technical robustness, conformance to the FIDO industry standards, and interoperability with other FIDO Certified products in the market — providing a strong incentive for companies in their product selection. FIDO certification for ThumbSignIn, extends across the company's server and client products, ensures that customers are deploying a highly secure solution and provides assurance of seamless interoperability with other FIDO Certified products across industry. ThumbSignIn is also available as a cloud-based service that enables developers to integrate the capabilities of ThumbSignIn into their websites, and in a matter of minutes. The server was built in GoLang, a systems development language created by Google that enables software developers to efficiently harness the full power of modern multi-core machines and construct high-performance system software.Pramati has also created SDKs for the IoS and Android platforms, allowing developers to integrate strong biometrics-based authentication capabilities into their mobile applications or take advantage of the free ThumbSignIn app available at the Android and Apple app stores.”FIDO certification is rapidly becoming a linchpin to adoption of mobile products and devices,” said Vijay Pullur, co-founder and president of Pramati. “The number of FIDO Certified products grew by 200 percent in 2016 alone, and that growth rate is expected to accelerate as alliance members pursue certification for laptops, payment cards, and other devices. For customers, that's good news as they are assured of an unprecedented level of mobile security and interoperability. We believe that FIDO certification will be an overwhelming incentive for customers in their product adoption.”