More details have emerged of the biometric passenger system that will be deployed at Terminal 4 of Singapore's Changi Airport.As part of the what has been called the FAST (“Fast and Seamless Travel”) programme, Changi Airport's new Terminal 4 immigration gates will authenticate travelers' identities using facial recognition technology.Set to open on October 31, FAST will combine biometric recognition and next-generation luggage scanning to allow qualifying travelers to pass through check-in, luggage drop-off and immigration control without having to interact with another person.At the point of check-in passengers will be able to use self-service kiosks to print their own boarding passes and bag tags. They can then drop their bags at an automated bag drop machine after their identity has been verified. At immigration, passengers will be able to scan their own passport, boarding pass and fingerprint to facilitate the necessary identity checks. The automated immigration gates also use facial recognition technology to authenticate the passengers' identity.This self-service immigration function is available to passengers who are at least six years old and who are Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, Long Term Pass holders or visitors whose fingerprints are registered with the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority.Meanwhile, at the boarding gate, technology has also been implemented. Passengers who have used the automated immigration gate can simply scan their boarding pass at the boarding gate and authenticate their identity with the facial recognition system.