Keyless, a pioneering privacy-first biometric authentication firm, today announced that it has joined the DizmeID Foundation, to develop an open ecosystem for decentralized management of digital identities.DizmeID Foundation operates to combine the benefits of self-sovereign identity with necessary compliance and regulation, with the aim to enable wallet holders with ownership and control over their digital identity, data access and distribution.Keyless will work alongside Algorand, Fabrick and InfoCert within the foundation to blomake it easier and more secure for users to share their personal information in exchange for blockchain-based services.”Many users find the idea of blockchain services intimidating and that has caused adoption of this revolutionary technology to be painfully slow. We hope that by integrating with Dizme, that our biometric software will make it more intuitive for users to enroll to, and begin benefitting from the services offered on its decentralized identity platform,” said Andrea Carmignani, co-founder and chief executive officer at Keyless Technologies.Dizme enables organizations to both issue and verify a user's identity through verifiable digital credentials – a digital version of a real-world identity document such as a driver's license or birth certificate.”The way organizations manage their customer's personal data must change if we want to stop privacy and security breaches from being a daily occurrence,” said Daniele Citterio, DizmeID Foundation Chairman. “Currently, our identities are managed by multiple, siloed parties – like private and public organizations. Not only can this leave us exposed to a higher number of threats, it can also create friction during the identification process,” Daniele Citterio continued.With Dizme, organizations can issue and verify verifiable digital credentials in order to provide services, goods or resources to users. Once a user has their digital credentials issued to them, they can choose to share their credentials with organizations via their Dizme wallet.”Verifiable digital credentials can help build trust between organizations and users, while also enabling users to control what personal information they share with organizations, and how long for, to ensure their data is not being misused or mishandled” explained Daniele Citterio.