SecuGen has announced the release of the SecuGen SDK Plugin for Microsoft Remote Desktop. The new plugin allows users of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services to scan their fingerprint with a SecuGen reader connected to their local device and use that fingerprint to remotely authenticate to a SecuGen biometric application delivered over a secure Remote Desktop session.SecuGen offers the SDK Plugin for Remote Desktop for free for up to two simultaneous connections, adding to its growing portfolio of free biometric software. Additional connections require the purchase of a license.The release of the SDK plugin opens the door to more opportunities for software developers to roll out SecuGen's world leading optical fingerprint readers across more remote desktop platforms, which now include the Remote Desktop Protocol for Windows and Independent Computing Architecture for Citrix.”Our engineering team is dedicated to continually advancing the ability of our partners to address their customer's requirements,” said Dan Riley, SecuGen's VP of Engineering. “The SDK Plugin for Remote Desktop now makes it possible to extend the security benefits of fingerprint authentication to virtual environments.”Won Lee, CEO of SecuGen added, “Our partners have been asking us for more software solutions, and we are pleased to meet their needs once again with the release of the SecuGen SDK Plugin for Microsoft Remote Desktop.”