Keesing Technologies, an identity verification provider, announces the beta release of its new ID verification solution for remote customer onboarding. The solution is part of the leading-edge AuthentiScan product suite. As of today, the beta version of the AuthentiScan webAPI is open for testing.The Keesing AuthentiScan webAPI offers biometric identity proofing combined with extensive ID document verification and is ideally equipped for remote customer identification. In the past months, Keesing worked together with its customers on the AuthentiScan webAPI.The project was primarily focused on the usability and reliability of the solution. The objective was to develop a userfriendly image-capture-guidance process. “Our key task was to help end users correctly capture ID document images in order to further improve the usability of our onboarding solution”, says Mike Krechting, Managing Director of Keesing Technologies.The majority of Keesing's clientele consists of financial services organisations, part of which participated in the project group for the development of the new AuthentiScan webAPI. According to the EY 2018 Global Banking Outlook report, 85% of financial institutions (FIs) view the implementation of a digital transformation programme as a business priority. Online customer onboarding is one of the key elements of this transformation. This leaves FIs faced with the challenge of doing Know-Your-Customer (KYC) activities remotely. Mike explains: “In spite of their efforts to implement digital onboarding processes as stated in the EY report, many banks and other financial institutions are still dealing with dropout rates as high as 80%. Making this process as easy and efficient as possible is essential for the success of our customers” .For almost a century, Keesing Technologies has served organisations worldwide with its solutions for reliable and accurate ID verification. Last year, the company added biometric verification to its flagship solution AuthentiScan, making it a perfect fit for customer onboarding purposes and remote ID verification. Today the company's new webAPI is launched in private beta mode which makes itavailable to selected customers only for now. Keesing expects the solution to be open to the wider market soon.