The KABN Network together with KABN Systems a Canadian fintech company that specializes in continuous online identity verification, management and monetization in Canada and the US, today announces that its cloud-based biometric solutions will now be available on its digital identity management platform, Liquid Avatar enabling a further layer of identity verification that is independent of a user's device.”With more traditional services, like healthcare, education, verified purchasing and government services expanding online, we developed Liquid Avatar to allow users to use their verified identity to share what they want, when they want and with whom they want in an easy to use visually-enabled platform,” said David Lucatch, CEO KABN North America. “Our goal is to reduce and, in some cases, eliminate the need to remember passwords or to present physical credentials in an ever expanding digital landscape. We hope to empower users to seamlessly manage their digital lives as easily and effectively as they do conventionally.”As a cloud-based service, KABN's biometric features are not resident on a device and work with a user's mobile phone, tablet, computer or other camera and Internet enabled devices, to pass verified information securely over the Internet, enabling identity to be transportable and connected to a wide range of applications like Passwords, Digital Wallets and Verified Access and Identity Credentials.With Liquid Avatar's Self Sovereign Identity management services, a user can manage and customize their credentials through easy to access “icons,” enabling them to store, organize and control their information remotely, increasing potential security and safety in the event that the device is lost, stolen or compromised, and making it easy to share services using their facial recognition or other biometric controls.Liquid Avatar will work with a wide range of emerging technologies and digital platforms to enable the creation and support of a wide range of services, such as:Identity Verification Services – Bank Grade Identity and Biometric VerificationDigital Wallet Applications – Crypto and Digital Currencies, Identity, CredentialsVerified Access Credentials – Concerts, Movies, Theme Parks, Senior Living, Sporting and other Venue Events and FacilitiesVerified Identity Credentials – Government, Healthcare, eCommerce, Membership, School, Workplace and otherGuardianship Services – In early 2021, Liquid Avatar will enable users to authorize a secondary “guardian” for biometric data access. Ideal for parents that want to protect and authorize certain activities for their children, like education, online gaming, eCommerce and other activities. This service can also be used as a safeguard in cases of emergency allowing an authorized second, biometrically verified person, to access a user's data.”In the real world, we recognize and verify each other using personal recognition, and document verification and we believe that Liquid Avatar can potentially duplicate this process in the digital world,” continued Lucatch.In the coming weeks, the Company is expecting to rollout a number of key initiatives that will support the creation, management and verification of digital wallets and verified access and identity credentials.