German tech firm Bosch has become the latest to reveal a car with biometric security at this year's CES show in Las Vegas.Unlike other innovations shown earlier in the week, the Bosch solution uses face recogniotion to authorise the dreiver and personalise settings.Using a ” Driver Monitor Camera” the car recognises the driver and sets the steering wheel, mirror position, interior temperature, and radio station according to the their personal preferences.The camera also allows the car to detect when you might be feeling tired or when you look distracted, which will prompt it to issue a warning.Other solutions revealed this week by Gentex use a rear view mirror featuring iris recognition.Bosch also says the car includes an eye-tracking system that highlights relevant information, depending on where the driver's eyes are looking.Users will be able to use their phone to enter and start the car thanks to a digital key on their handset, which is automatically identified by the car within a specified range.Once the user gets close enough to the car, it unlocks, and once it detects the digital key inside the car, it will allow the user to start the engine.This week, Chrysler also unveiled a biometric minivan for the “selfie generation”.