Argus Technology Partners, a subsidiary of Xalles , has executed a Master Reseller Agreement (MRA) with AMT-USC, which stands for American Made Technologies-United States Corporation, to provide quantum computing and biometric security solutions.Argus plans to bring the AMT solutions to specific markets including banking and finance, healthcare, energy and government agencies. This agreement is expected to generate over $2 million in revenue to Argus within the first 12 months.AMT-USC has been creating breakthrough solutions in advanced Multi Biometric ICAM, Quantum Application Emulation Software, Quantum Virtual Server Systems, Neural AI predictive software and High V Security Solutions, and becoming a provider of the National Defense Initiatives-2019 supplying Defense and Intel Agencies. AMT is working with DARPA, the FBI, and DISA in product development to support requests to present to DoD, Sandia Labs, DoE, QIE Quantum Alliance, NRC, NASA, NSA and other agencies.Intelligence Analytics, Person of Interest Quantum Pattern Facial Recognition, Biometric ICAM, Military Biometric Vehicle access, Fleet Defense Naval Agencies, Battle Control Predictive Analytics and Military Simulations, and Launch Vehicle Protection are some of the specific applications that AMT solutions provide.”The Argus team is pleased to be partnering with AMT through this Master Reseller Agreement to bring these innovative technology solutions to our vast independent sales network,” stated David Baldwin, Argus Technology Partners President. “We identified immediate project opportunities for the AMT biometric security and quantum computing solutions that will produce tremendous revenue for both companies. We also saw synergies with our other technology partners for solutions integration.”Argus will initially be focused on deploying the Multi Biometric ICAM, Quantum Application Emulation Software, and Quantum Virtual Server Systems to its client base.