Italy's government is consdering forcing people to show an ID card before they can open a social media account.The new law proposed by a centrist MP, who has said the move would help tackle hate speech and fake news.The MP also said it would make it easier to trace posts back to individual people, whose details would be kept on file – though users could still go by pseudonyms.Luigi Marattin, an Italian MP from former prime minister Matteo Renzi's party Italia Viva, said the political debate was being "manipulated and distorted" through the internet. He claimed that the proposal would "prevent the web from becoming a sewer" and said it was "time to act"."The right to anonymity must be guaranteed but reconciled with another consideration to protect the public interest: the protection of public space as a place where anyone can be called to answer for what he writes," he wrote in a defence printed in newspaper La Repubblica.