Colorado has added driver's licenses to the myColorado mobile app.The app can be used to register to vote, renew a driver's license and prove your identity at any state agency. But users should continue to carry their legal IDs in their wallets.Colorado became one of the first states to launch a digital driver's license test, according to cybersecurity firm Gemalto, which worked with Colorado, Idaho, Maryland and Washington, D.C., on pilot programs since 2017.Gemalto and competitor Idemia have worked with more than 35 states on digital driver's licenses. Oklahoma's mobile ID also launched this week in app stores, according to The Oklahoman, which reported that 4,000 people were using the beta version.But Colorado decided to build its digital ID system on its own because it wanted more than an ID app, said Brandi Simmons, a spokeswoman for the state's Office of Information Technology.