RealNetworks has announced that SAFR, the foremost AI platform for live video, has joined NVIDIA's Metropolis Software Partner Program to make it simpler for system integrators and enterprise customers to deploy the leading visual intelligence offering powered by NVIDIA technology.Smart city professionals have historically struggled to find and deploy a U.S.-based computer vision solution that works in variable lighting conditions, angles of view, and high population density scenes. Now, those customers have easy access to SAFR's industry-leading accuracy and performance in a highly optimized, scalable and extensible format by becoming a part of NVIDIA's Metropolis program.As the world's highest-performance computer vision solution for live video, SAFR instantly detects and matches millions of images of people with near-perfect accuracy in a fraction of a second – even when they are blurred, obscured, tilted, or dimly lit. SAFR is also capable of assessing demographics, sentiment, or a person's line-of-sight, without collecting any personally identifiable information.NVIDIA Metropolis is an IoT platform for intelligent video analytics that spans multiple NVIDIA products from edge to cloud. NVIDIA Metropolis paves the way to smarter and safer cities by applying deep learning to video streams for applications such as public safety and retail loss prevention.”This partnership makes it simpler than ever for our customers to access SAFR for smart cities, public safety, and retail use cases,” said Dan Grimm, Vice President and General Manager of Computer Vision at RealNetworks. “Our work with NVIDIA, the leader in accelerated computing, will expand SAFR's reach, enabling more cities – and their airports, transit systems, and retail stores – to benefit from an industry-proven platform and discover how visual intelligence can make the spaces we trust safer, smarter, and more convenient.”