Biometrics firm IriTech has revealed plans to showcase its multimodal Gemini Camera system at an upcoming event after it was first unveiled at last month's connect:ID in Washington.According to the company, the multimodal camera can simultaneously capture images of the face and both irises with a single camera sensor.Multimodal capturing enhances reliability and universality while the single camera lowers costs. Iritech says the Gemini also significantly reduces the time lag of iris recognition, which usually is caused by re-shoots of uneducated users.Meanwhile, Gemini's 'Side-gazing Technology' removes the need of aligning the eye to the camera but allows simply glancing at the screen to be sufficient.”The Gemini is optimal for access control for iris recognition that provides a high level of accuracy while providing an intuitive and easy experience, the value will increase for venues with high traffic where speed is a crucial factor”, says Jungwoon Ryu, marketing director at IriTech.IriTech will be demonstrating the tech at the Interpol World 2015 event in Singapore this week. It expects to launch the product by the third quarter of this year.