T5-ABIS, an Automated Biometric Identification System developed by TECH5 with face, fingerprint, and iris biometric modalities – was successfully deployed as part of the first phase implementation of the National ID project in Guinea serving the MOSIP identity management platform with a biometric enrolment, identification, and de-duplication function. MOSIP is a global open-source platform that is designed to help organizations and governments implement a foundational ID system that provides citizens with unique (digital) IDs that can be securely authenticated and that facilitates the effective delivery of authentication services for public and private entities, such as healthcare, education, and social security, among many others. The Guinea National ID solution also enables Guinea citizens to be fully in control of the use of their private and personally identifiable information. The T5-ABIS BE component that is integrated with MOSIP®, delivers deduplication services during the registration process, as well as identification and multi-factor authentication services. TECH5 has also integrated technology with MOSIP that assesses the quality of biometric images during registration using T5-SDKs for finger, iris and face recognition and the SDKs to perform 1:1 authentication using these modalities.TECH5 was the first ABIS vendor that recognized MOSIP's unique value proposition for an open-source National ID solution driving Foundational ID, and that invested its time and resources to assist MOSIP® in fully integrating its technology with the MOSIP® platform. This included the T5-ABIS platform and Biometric SDKs for fingerprint, iris and face recognition, but also TECH5's expertise in building large-scale National ID solutions based on the company's proven experience in this field. This allowed to present a tested and ready-to-use solution with integrated biometrics to the Executive Committee and International Advisory Group of MOSIP on August 6th, 2019.”We are extremely pleased with the smooth technical implementation of the TECH5 / MOSIP solution in this first phase.” Commented Dr. Himi Deen TOURE from WURI GUINEA, the commissioning and implementing entity in Guinea for this project. “TECH5 and MOSIP® support staff have assisted us since the start of implementation ensuring on-time operational readiness while ensuring knowledge transfer to our local technical teams” – says Mr. Ibrahima Sory CONDE.”Our commitment to MOSIP® has always been very strong. We develop all of our technologies and solutions for identity management around the principles of ID4D and are very passionate about the MOSIP project, whose mission is aligned with TECH5.” – says Rahul Parthe, Co-founder, Chairman and CTO of TECH5. “The TECH5 – MOSIP® partnership is now delivering real value in the Guinea National ID project which will form the model that other countries on the African continent and beyond can readily take for their respective National ID requirements” – says Mr. Parthe.