IriTech, Inc. has recently announced that it successfully passed a compliance test for the Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) system on its SBI 2.0 (L1) authentication iris scanner device – IriSentinel, and honourably been awarded the Sri Lanka Unique Digital Identity Pilot Implementation for SBI 2.0 (L1) authentication device IriSentinel, which is the first SBI 2.0 (L1) authentication Iris device installation compliant with MOSIP requirements.

MOSIP is open-source software which governments or international organizations can use as a platform, to build foundational digital identity systems similar to India’s Aadhaar system, which has enrolled more than one billion people using iris and fingerprint biometrics. MOSIP is open source and is funded by philanthropic initiatives such as Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Sir Ratan Tata Trust, Norad and Omidyar Network. In 2020, Bill Gates cited MOSIP as a pathway and enabler of digital financial inclusion.

Mosip is being adopted by Morocco, the Philippines, and is being piloted by the Republic of Guinea, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka as the framework for their National ID systems. Togo is about to embark on MOSIP-adoption and have initiated preparations. Conversations for the adoption of MOSIP are in advanced stages with several other countries.

IriSentinel belongs to the portable camera category but features the top-notch iris capturing process of IriTech in a completely embedded computing system powered by NXP’s latest hardware security features while maintaining the very competitive prices. Now, with its compliance to MOSIP’s SBI 2.0 Specification and being ready to be used, IriSentinel is surely to create a huge impact.

Upon the self-compliance of IriTech using MOSIP test environments, Mr. Sanjith Sundaram, Head of Biometric Ecosystem from MOSIP, said “Interface self-compliance is a one-time effort giving the minimum assurance to countries that the product works well with MOSIP’s interfaces. Since the APIs are pre-validated through this program, the countries can leverage shorter lead times for device deployments with minimal or no additional development efforts.”

Earlier in 2020, Philippines Government also selected IriTech’s MOSIP SBI 1.0 (L0)-compliant IriShield BK2121U as the iris enrollment device for their PhilSys National ID project. So, IriTech becomes the first company to successfully have both SBI 1.0 (L0) (for enrolment) and SBI 2.0 (L1) (for authentication) iris scanner devices compliant to MOSIP specifications.

According to Mr.Binod Mathai, Chief Officer of IriTech in India, believes that the number of countries to adopt MOSIP platform will rapidly increase and surely to create a huge opportunity for IriTech. CEO of IriTech, Dr.Kim is confident in the company’s ability to offer both SBI 1.0 (L0) and SBI 2.0 (L1) iris devices to customers developing their National ID projects on MOSIP platform.