Zwipe is proud to announce a biometric payment cards pilot with a Global Tier-1 bank. The bank, which is headquartered in Europe, has a strong presence in retail banking and serves many millions of customers across several continents. The pilot will take place in three European countries using biometric payment cards based on the Zwipe Pay ONE platform.

Across many global markets, Zwipe and its card manufacturing partners are experiencing growing interest in biometric payment cards from banks. These cards will deliver world class transaction security, uplifted user experience, improved loyalty, and drive new customer acquisition. Delivering a completely touch-free check-out experience above and below the current contactless limits, biometric payment cards will address elevated consumer concerns about touching the point-of-sale terminals.

Together with its card manufacturing and personalization partners, who will deliver the Zwipe Pay ONE Biometric Cards, Zwipe will commence working with the Global Tier-1 Bank later this month with the aim to launch a pilot of a few hundred cardholders across three European countries in Q1 2022. The bank also plans for a commercial launch of Zwipe Pay ONE based biometric payment cards later in the summer 2022, subject to positive results in the pilot.

André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe said, “We are thrilled that a Global Tier 1 bank has chosen Zwipe Pay ONE-based biometric payment cards for their pilot and, potentially, for a commercial launch where the long-term potential could be significant. Besides the technology, Zwipe will also support the bank through all stages of the pilot, ensuring that all end users’ experiences and feedback are systematically captured. This Zwipe Pay ONE pilot is a significant milestone and a testament to our world-class technology and excellent collaboration with strong partners in all parts of the payments ecosystem.”