Zwipe, a leading provider of on-card biometric solutions, confirms that its biometric access control solution, Zwipe Access, has been selected by Fraport AG as one of two partners in Fraport’s “Biometrics@Controllane” project.

Fraport AG – which ranks among the world’s leading companies in the global airport business – offers a full range of integrated airport management services and boasts subsidiaries and investments around the globe. It operates within 31 airports globally, including the main airports in Frankfurt (FRA), New York (JFK), New Jersey (EWR), Baltimore/Washington (BWI), Cleveland (CLE), Nashville (BNA), Pittsburgh (PIT) and Delhi, India (DEL). Fraport has recently launched a project within its Digital Factory to identify the optimal solution for performing a biometric comparison between the airport ID card and the person requesting access. The technology is planned to be used on a few selected security checkpoints first.

Zwipe Access is a new, highly secure and at the same time easy to handle biometric smart card solution for access control. It is battery-less and fully compatible with market-leading card-based access control infrastructures. Zwipe Access adds two-factor authentication to existing contactless card-based access control systems without the need to upgrade any of the existing infrastructures, meaning that no new readers, pin pads or cameras need be installed at the doors, gates, or turnstiles. The biometric authentication provides assurance that only the legitimate person is granted access.

“We are delighted to be selected as finalists in this MVP process for Fraport AG, a lighthouse and leading innovator in the global airport industry. We look forward to demonstrating the security and excellent user experience of Zwipe Access in this MVP over the course of this summer. Authenticating legitimate access card holders, Zwipe Access provides a step change in security and control without changing the existing backend infrastructures and thereby saving cost and time,” said André Løvestam, CEO of Zwipe.