IrisGuard are delighted with the conclusion reached and published by Clarkson University study in IEEE Transactions on Biometrics, Behavior, and Identity Science (Iris Recognition Performance in Children: A Longitudinal Study) which showed no evidence that irises age over time in children. IrisGuard has held that viewpoint since 2000, when the company launched the world's first ever iris border control system in all ports of exit/entry in UAE and the subsequent joint collaboration with the Cambridge University iris study of 2005, confirming that iris recognition is the most accurate biometric identifier.IrisGuard is the world leader in iris recognition payment services, providing a secure and scalable system for targeted transfer of assistance payments, EMR management and border control. Their powerful technology authenticates transactions without any other ID, ensuring 100% accurate proof-of-life in real time on a one-to-many basis. They've been leading the way in this sector for the past 20 years.The IrisGuard AD100 imager system, considered the golden standard of iris camera systems, was used by Clarkson University to confirm that irises do not age. Using the AD100, Clarkson University tracked children aged 4 years and older; the study did not observe any significant effects of aging, which would have resulted in an increase in non-matches over a three-year sampling period.The built-in automatic pupil-dilation control method, patented and unique part of all IrisGuard's imagers, ensures uniformity between enrollment and subsequent samples, key to this study which analysed dilation and matching performance.This pupil-control mechanism is extremely important when registering the irises of millions of people for the targeted distribution of assistance payments, EMR management or for border control. Whilst patented in 2011, this IrisGuard-only technological breakthrough has been implemented in all their camera systems since 2007, some 14 years ago. It is one of many patents and use of their know how that only IrisGuard was able to identify and address.Imad Malhas, Chief Technology Officer and Founder commented: “I am delighted that our dedication and attention to detail to build the most accurate iris recognition cameras has proven its value in this ground-breaking study. We have always known that pupil dilation causes major compromise on scanned data and that for our real-time verification of millions of people with unmatched FAR and over 100 trillion cross matches so far, this level of accuracy was mandatory.”