Identification of genuine holograms is often made difficult because they lose part of their brilliance with ageing. The guards thus need to accept versions with slightly different levels of shining, which opens an opportunity for applying fakes. IQ Structures, a Czech research and production organisation, announced it brings an answer to this challenge – holograms resistant against all signs of ageing during the entire lifecycle of polycarbonate ID card."We focus on polycarbonate because it is used for critical identification documents," explains Robert Dvorak, the Business Development Director for Security in IQ Structures. "We adhere to our long term strategy to create protection elements that are very easy to identify and extremely difficult to imitate. The protection elements must be absolutely identical to enable human eyes to get used to it. The inspectors can thus spot even a minimal deviation and follow with detailed inspection and hidden level protection examination."Legacy technologies use organic glues for application of holograms in the cards. Optical qualities degrade with time, and the holograms lose part of their brilliance. Moreover, adhesive qualities also deteriorate after seven years so that it is possible to remove the hologram from the card.IQ Structures´solution, based on IQ proID product, doesn't include any heterogenous adhesive. Holograms are embossed directly into polycarbonate. The polycarbonate layer with holograms is pressed into the card during the lamination. Each hologram consists of thousands of tiny pieces. Melted polycarbonate flows through gaps between pieces during lamination. Any attempt for hologram removal results in its irreversible disintegration.Application without heteregenos adhesive enables protection of critical data by writing them directly in the hologram. It is up to the card issuer to decide between transparent and metallic holograms for protection of particular information.Thanks to this solution, the card issuers and law enforcement can benefit from exciting and distinctive visual effects in holograms more than before. IQ Structures operates an excellence centre for advanced holograms origination. Experts in this centre create computer generated holograms based on advanced mathematical algorithms. They can create visual effects that cannot exist in the physical world and that rise from diffraction structures, which cannot be imitated. Such special effects include moves in unexpected directions, well shaped 3D objects and emerging items. Last year, this origination centre triumphed in IHMA´s Excellence in Holography Award, winning two categories. Recently it was awarded Government Security Award in the USA.