id3 Technologies, Biometrics expert, has unveiled “BIOSEAL” to facilitate verification of the authenticity and ownership of a document.In a statement, id3 said BioSeal is a robust and cost-effective security solution for combating the fraudulent forgery of all types of documents, both paper-form and digital.The solution consists of inserting a visible digital seal on a document in the form of a two-dimensional barcode carrying the essential information of the document as well as the biometric data of its owner (face and/or finger)The high-density structure of the BioSeal barcode can store a large amount of information, up to 2,000 bytes, in a small, unmodifiable code. A digital signature guarantees the identification of the issuing body and the integrity of the document.Built-in biometric data allows fully offline biometric authentication to guarantee the identity of the document owner. No need to connect to a remote server or a centralized database.Due to its nature and its unique form factor, the BioSeal is a green solution, store it on a mobile phone for later identification, or print it on recycled paper or biodegradable material if needed. Id3 Bioseal is perfect for access badges, official documents, ID documents, driving licenses; certificates, diploma ߪ Commenting on the Bioseal,Jean-Louis Revol, President of id3 Technologies, declared, “In a world where biometrics is taking more and more place and the demand for distributed and mobile accessibility is growing even faster, id3 offers an exciting new range of solutions with a service-based approach”