Year-long delays to the passport process could be resolved quite soon, says Lebanon’s Directorate General of General Security.

The production of passports in use was brought to a halt after a tender dispute. The ending of the supplier’s contract created a huge demand and backlog of passports, impacting travel into Lebanon and abroad.

Passport appointments through the platform were also in short supply too but finally the news shared by Abbas Ibrahi could end the major disruption. The platform will remain in use after it was launched to manage the high demand amid the economic crisis.

The issuance of passports is promised to increase from 1,500 to 3,000 per day.

“On February 15, we will bring back the passport production machine to how it used to be before the crisis, “because it constitutes a civilized form for submitting applications for any transaction in the country, and we hope that it will be applied in the rest of the ministries and institutions”.

Te dispute over passport manufacture costs, lira exchange rate and political factors stopped funding for the contract.