Ghana and Benin have followed in the path of many other African countries by creating biometric identification linked to car registrations and drivers’ licenses.

Benin launched a biometric driver’s license coupling as a national ID while Ghana generated a solution for car registration.  The rapid advancement of these technologies is solving almost all security needs, assigning assured identities to personal and businesses assets, access management and personal security.

As of January 2023, Benin has changed the requirements for car registration which now must encompass biometrics and national ID.

The National Agency for Land Transport (ANaTT) and Anip collaborated on the production of a biometric driving license that is designed more securely and robustly to prevent counterfeiting in comparison to the previous three layered physical card.

Drivers’ license will not be issued unless a NPI can be supplied as well as documentation confirming the results of blood tests and a driving certificate.

As part of a two step process, drivers’ biometric data will be collected to register the vehicle. The Ghana card will be the main form of ID required in the application.