The Louisiana Age Verification Law, due to come into force in January, will sanction companies that do not take accountability for protecting young users against harmful content online.

Despite the advancements of the metaverse and Web 3.0, the internet is still a largely unregulated haven of unsuitable content for children. Now parents will be able to pursue a civil case against corporate entities that do not build a verification barrier.

Internet providers and high-profile social media networks that some may argue are distributors of harmful content are exempt from this law which targets mainly content creators. The legislation cracks down on sites that “contain a substantial portion” or 33.3% of pornographic material.

Moreover, Louisiana is one of the increasing number of regulators that are taking tough measures to prevent data exploitation and sharing with third parties. Accepted forms of ID to access adult sites include a valid drivers’ license, state-issued ID card or other commercial solution that obtains public or private transferrable data to confirm an individual’s age, however after verification, companies must not retain any personal data.

Yoti is an age estimation face biometric company that provides assurance to companies when onboarding customers or allowing access to online content. Recently, Yoti and Meta announced a UK- wide face age verification rollout designed to prevent underage user accounts.