Ipsidy, a provider of an Identity as a Service (IDaaS) platform and a suite of secure, mobile, biometric identity solutions has announced that it has expanded its offerings across both Apple and Android platforms. Ipsidy's application support for both Apple's iOS13 and Android unlocks the full potential of mobile biometrics.Ipsidy's IDaaS platform now offers facial biometric proofing, digital identity document checks, physical access management, keyless locks and geo-location attendance and workforce management, whether a user prefers Apple or Android.With expanded support for Near-Field Communications in Apple's iOS13, Ipsidy has broadened its Proof™ by Ipsidy solution. Now, on any Apple or Android smart phone, Proof uses NFC capability to extract information and validate data stored in chip-based ePassports and eIDs to provide a superior identity check. In a world of increasing fraud and security threats coupled with the demand for quick, digital onboarding solutions, it's more important than ever, to verify identity with speed and certainty. Proof provides remote mobile identity proofing and transaction authentication for high-value or sensitivity business interactions like financial application and enrollment processes, new customer, employee, and student on-boarding, sale of age-restricted product, building access verification and more.Ipsidy has also expanded the availability of Time™ by Ipsidy to both the Apple Store and Google Play Store. Time is a secure, employee time and location mobile app that allows employers to manage attendance across multiple worksites and geographic locations. The Time app records the time, date and geolocation on each employee record. Employees confirm when they're on the clock at their location by entering their employee ID, selecting check-in or out, and snapping a quick selfie to confirm their identity. Ipsidy then matches the employee's real-time selfie against their stored biometric template to confirm the right employee is at their job location. In addition, Ipsidy's Concierge mobile app is now available on both Apple and Android platforms. The Concierge app provides fast user and workforce enrollment and site monitoring for clients using Time by Ipsidy or Access by Ipsidy, a digital, biometric visitor management system. Concierge enables real-time monitoring of residents, and visitors entering any building. The convenient mobile app also allows site administrators to register and verify users' identities with biometric certainty, review reporting and analytics, and track employee attendance. Eliminate paper visitor badges and give receptionists, doormen, greeters, hostesses, and security guards the modern, digital tools they need to monitor any location or any worker. Ipsidy's apps provide enhanced security and the ability to speed up guest check-in, greet visitors by name, and provide a more personalized experience.Ipsidy has also integrated its new FaceLok SDK into the Ipsidy Mobile app, as well as the Time and Concierge apps. The mobile SDK, a cross-platform solution for both iOS and Android, delivers a seamless approach to quick biometric identification, including performing a liveness test, capturing a selfie, and processing an identity transaction using Ipsidy's IDaaS platform. The SDK is available for integration with any mobile application to support a multitude of use-cases including biometric identification, account logon, high-value transaction authorization and multi-factor authentication (MFA).”Everything starts with trusted identity” said Philip Beck Chairman and CEO of Ipsidy Inc. “Our identity platform approach allows us to offer a suite of services that our customers can use to seamlessly create the foundation of trust for multiple use cases with omni-channel user experiences delivered through the Ipsidy mobile identity applications and SDKs.”